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Why your Lawn Loves a Spring Clean Up

Spring is finally here!

Spring yard Clean Ups not only clean up the debris and initial appearance of your yard, they also provide the essential building blocks of a healthy and lush lawn. Usually, the following clean up tasks will be completed in the order provided.

Leaf and Debris Clean Up

This is the first and usually the visually defining step of any spring clean up, we blow, rake and remove all the debris to give you a fresh clean start to the growing season…

Power Rake

Powerraking your yard is the job of removing all the old thatch or dead decomposing grass from you yard to allow moisture and air to reach the soil fostering new growth…  Power Raking only needs to be done once a year in the spring.

It is performed with a powerraker which spins tiny metal blades around and pulls all the thatch up to the surface. Once this is done, we collect and remove all the debris produced.

First Cut, trim and blow

This allows us to clean everything up that hasn’t been removed already and leaves the lawn perfectly manicured and ready so you can get to using your outdoor space.  Other than providing the ‘clean’ feeling, the first cut also helps to stimulate grass growth and greening of your yard.

lawn after cleanup

Core Aeration

Aerating is the process of punching holes in your lawn and remove small plugs of dirt to allow water and oxygen access to the grass roots.  Aerating should be conducted every spring, although it can also be done in the fall…

There are many benefits to aerating your lawn, which includes the following:

  • Thatch Reduction – cuts through thatch which aids in breaking it down & adding soil on top to aid in decomposing it
  • Reduces soil compaction – which results in leveling out your lawn, increases water, fertilizer and oxygen absorption, decreases puddling and improves drought tolerance.
  • Healthier Grass – the overall result is greener, thicker grass that’s more resilient.

It is a performed by a machine a little larger than a lawnmower.   It removes 1.5″ – 2″ plugs from the turf and leaves them on top of the grass to add surface nutrients to the grass and aid in the decompression of the soil.  Ideally the soil should consist of half solid matter, a quarter water and a quarter air.

Spring Fertilizer

Assiniboine uses a ‘time release’ granular fertilizer to provide the ideal kickstart for your spring growing season. It is not typically included in our spring clean up packages, but is highly recommended and should be applied at the end of the spring clean up so your freshly aerated lawn will thoroughly absorb it.


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