Assiniboine Landscape Construction in South Calgary

Hey ya’ll, here at Assiniboine we have been working all summer to build some of Calgary’s best landscapes and thought it was time to show you a little bit of what we have been up to…

The following Landscapes  were built this summer in the communities of Millrise, Evergreen, McKenzie Towne, Douglasdale, Lake Sundance and Heritage Pointe.  We have more to come but we didn’t want to overwhelm you all at once with everything we’ve built thus far.

So here we go…

The following 2 pictures are of a beautiful combination patio / walkway that combines the classic appeal of natural Rundle Flagstone set in 10 mm crushed Rundle gravel combined with the tested and true durability and consistency of the Rustic Roman Euro Paving Stone. The beauty of this design is that the main access to the garage is all paving stone to allow for easy snow shoveling during the winter months with the unique design accents of the Rundle flagstone for the summer.  Katherine Kinch from “Your Space By Design” designed the patio, Assinboine built to scale, and the homeowner will complete all the plantings to complete a ‘grassless’ backyard (zeroscape).

Artistic backyard patio and pathways to garage and sitting area overlooking pond


Designed by Katherine Kinch, this is an excellent example of how using multiple products and really make a patio pop!


This next front yard pathway is another simple concept that has been taken to the next level by Assiniboine’s amazing construction experts. This pathway is constructed primarily with rustic cobble pavers combined with a charcoal border / accent and mow brick.   This client was so happy, she sent us a handwritten note letting us know that now she had the most beautiful front yard on here whole street!

Front Door pathway and mow brick around bed using rustic cobble pavers with a charcoal accent / border


This next project we built in Heritage Point for an amazing family that really treated us like friends, it was hard to leave.   The centerpiece of the project was this huge Roman Euro Paving Stone Patio with a double charcoal border.

Huge Roman Euro Paving Stone Patio with ample room for a variety of different uses…


This couple on a property in Lake Sundance wanted a little curb appeal for their corner lot, so we built this large raised garden bed with Rustic Roman Stackstone retaining wall and a large Sandstone boulder and we also installed the house number on it as an alternative idea. Afterwards we built them a new custom cedar fence around their backyard to clean up the appearance and keep the dog from running away…

Rustic Roman Stackstone Raised Garden bed, featuring a Sandstone boulder with the house number drilled into it
Cedar Fence as seen from inside the backyard, all Assiniboine’s fences are constructed with 2 bags of cement per post, 3 bags for gates, and are screwed, not nailed…


Here  is a little project we built this spring in Douglasdale, in the front we built a raised bed using Charcoal Stackstone for the retaining wall, notice the perfect curvature of the wall?   In the back we constructed a large patio and firepit area for them…  Kind of a unique setting up against the sound wall.

Raised Stackstone retaining wall under front bay window to create curb appeal


Rocky Mountain Slate Paving Stone Patio with Stackstone Firepit


The last project we’ll show you today is from Evergreen in SW Calgary, we completed the entire landscape for these fine people and as you can see from the following pictures it turned out amazing!!   Starting with rustic cobble pathway, partially raised circular patio, and mow brick border around the the back bed, to all the fresh sod, and maintenance free beds topped with Alpine Mulch, it came together perfectly!  We also used Columnar Aspens along the back fence to provide some privacy, without taking up a lot of space. The great thing about these trees is that they provide privacy during the summer when your out in your backyard, but don’t block out the the light all winter, when your not outside.

Rustic Cobble Pathway extending from the front path along the side of the house to the backyard… the ‘garden’ side of the path is topped with Alpine Mulch


Rustic Cobble Mow Brick with an Alpine Mulch bed surrounding some beautiful Columnar Aspens and a partially raised circular patio in the far corner


Well, we hope you enjoyed viewing a few of the landscapes we were lucky enough to build this year, we’d like to thank Calgary for their trust in Assiniboine over the past 12 years, and are proud to be adding value to the most beautiful and productive city on the planet!   We look forward to building your dream landscape for you in the future!

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