Assiniboine Landscape Construction in West Calgary


Well landscape enthusiasts, here is another update of some of the beautiful yards we have been building this summer.  This group of photos is coming from  mainly from the west side of Calgary, Coach Hill, Patterson, Strathcona, Aspen and Discovery Ridge… Hope you enjoy!

We’ll start out with this beautiful landscape from Discovery Ridge, it starts with a great set of stairs down the side of the house constructed with Pisa II retaining wall blocks and rustic cobble pavers

Side steps built with Pisa II and Capstone risers and rustic cobble pavers

Then as we round the corner into the backyard, it opens up into an amazing large cobble patio, notice the double circle design?   This patio is raised above the level of the grass with a short stackstone retaining wall  which is separated from the patio with a low maintenance mulch bed.  Picture yourself here enjoying the shade after work on a warm summer afternoon.

Large rustic cobble patio with a double circle pattern
Same exquisite patio from a different angle
Nice shady patio with surrounding mulch garden and a stackstone retaining wall

The next project we’ll show you is this clean and functional, no maintenance backyard we built for a wonderful lady in Coach Hill.  Here the object of the project was to make the most of a limited budget and we certainly accomplished that here…  We used the decorative sidewalk blocks to create the patio area, which is surrounding by washed gravel  for a  zero maintenance place… The Pressure Treated Deck with boxed in steps and white aluminum railing provided the perfect space for a backyard eating area…

Decorative Sidewalk Block Patio with weed fabric and washed gravel low maintenance bed and pressure treated deck with white aluminum railings
Pressure Treated Deck with White Aluminum Railings and boxed in risers

One of the keys to creating a great usuable outdoor space is to predetermine the area usages before they are built…  This client who lives in Aspen has certainly done a great job with that, for the dining area he has a picturesque cedar deck with privacy lattice and decorative pergola.   Then after dinner, the party moves down onto the circle cobble patio with gas line firepit for some après.   With the simple flick of a switch he turns on the fire and nobody has to worry about which way the wind is blowing because there is no smoke to speak of.

Ironstone boulder raised bed around front porch with mow brick bordered bed around tree
Cobblestone Patio with gas fed firepite, cedar deck and pergola

Another little project we built in Aspen this summer was this aesthetic front yard in Aspen…  In order to create ‘curb appeal’  we created two large raised beds.  Notice the nice clean lines and perfect curves!

Raised Allen Block Beds with ground level mow brick bordered bed


Strathcona has some beautiful estate homes and we were fortunate enough to be able to transform this backyard from an old rotting deck into a brand new paving stone patio, complete with an almost 6’ high roman pisa retaining wall, aluminum railings with a combination of glass on the inside to maintain the open feeling, with cedar and lattice panels along the side to provide privacy and allow the homeowners clematis to climb the rails and create that old world greenery charm.  A couple of the special elements involved in this patio were running electrical conduit throughout to allow for easy access to power, and an extra reinforced upper patio with gas line for the homeowners custom order outdoor  pizza oven!

Holland Paver Patio with Aluminum and Glass railing


Aluminum Railings with cedar and lattice inserts instead of glass or spindles for privacy installed on a pisa retaining wall / paving stone patio


Roman Pisa Retaining wall that is almost 6′ tall where it meets the foundation of the house


Next, we move a little further north into Patterson, a great little area with fantastic views of downtown…  In this project we tiered the backyard with a large Pisa and Capstone Retaining Wall, anchored with a nice set of steps and filled the entire lower level with a large double holland paving stone patio providing a large multifunctional outdoor space!

Lastly, just to keep you coming back for more…  Here we are using a large bobcat with a cement breaker to remove an old cement driveway, we’ll show you the finished product when we’re done…

Here’s a project we have just started, removing an old sunken cement driveway and replacing it with paving stone… We’ll show you the finished product when it’s done.

Hope you enjoyed checking out some of these projects!  More to come!!


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