Sod Care Instructions


Heavy water is crucial in survival during the first few weeks of installation. Daily water is needed for the first few days, weather dependent… and then continual heavy water for the first 3 – 4 weeks depending on exposure, root growth, temperature…

* Mushrooms are the first sign of overwatering, if you notice them in an area avoid excessive amounts of water on that area… they will go away…

Stay off it:

During the first 3 weeks after installation, it is a great idea to stay completely off the grass… Do not mow it, walk on it, anything except water it… Being freshly graded and layed, and saturated with water, your footsteps have the potential to leave marks and possibly slide the sod around… After three weeks, the sod doesn’t need as much water, the ground will harden up and you can start to mow and use your new lawn.


New sod should be given a light fertilze either at the time of installation, or 3 – 4 weeks after installation, depending on when the last application was given before it was harvested.

Tree Care Instructions


New plantings should be given an application of root starter 10-52-10 or 10-60-10.
This is available at most hardware and garden centers follow directions on label.


Water newly planted trees the equivalent of 1” of rainfall per week in the “growing season” for the first 2-3 years after planting. A healthy tree and root system will prefer weekly watering as opposed to daily, as the later will result in over-watering and root rot (non-growing root system). The tree may fall over as a result of not “taking” (growing) into it’s new surroundings. By August/September reduce watering frequency. Then in the late fall October/November give a one time only thorough watering prior to freeze-up.

Staking/Guide wires:

Recommended in unsheltered locations against the prevailing winds. The stake should be removed after one years for the anchor roots to grow properly. The larger, or taller the tree the more likely it will require staking.

Water Wells:

They can be made to collect moisture around trees by mounding small amounts of soil in a ciracle at the outer edge of the root ball surface.

Shredded Woodchips/Mulch:

Adding these to the surface of the root ball with help retain moisture and prevent weeds.

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