New Sod

New Sod Care

Tips For Successful Growth

Caring for your new sod is extremely important if you want it to be healthy. Once your new sod is installed, you’ll want to follow these guidelines to ensure a robust & vibrant lawn:

New Sod


Newly laid sod needs water to ensure root establishment and growth. This is extremely
important, especially during the first few weeks following installation. New sod MUST be kept semi-moist (not saturated) for the first 2-3 weeks. Daily water is needed for the first 3-4 days, then requirements can be slowly spaced out to every 2nd day, and then the third week can be a little less – keep in mind that water requirements will vary depending on the weather, sun
exposure, temperature etc., so be sure to monitor your lawn and soil moisture to determine when it’s time to water again. Most lawns require about an inch of water every week, including rain. Very important – Do not allow water to puddle on new sod and do not dry out completely!

Keep off the Grass

During the first few weeks after installation, it is highly recommended to stay completely off the grass. This will allow roots to establish while avoiding any damage that can be caused from footsteps, which can leave marks and possibly slide the sod around. Do not mow it or walk on it, with the exception of gently placing or moving your sprinkler during watering. Even leaving a hose sitting on top of fresh sod can cause damage, so it’s a good idea to move it off of the grass after the watering is complete. After a few weeks, the sod will be rooted and won’t need as much water, meaning the ground will harden and you can start to mow & use your new lawn.


New sod should be given a light dose of fertilizer at the time of installation (depending on when the last application was given before it was harvested), and then a follow up fertilizing several weeks after installation. Never apply to wet grass leaves, especially during extreme heat and always follow the application instructions included on the bag, as applying too much fertilizer will damage lawn.

Continued Maintenance

To keep your lawn looking lush and healthy over time, it’s recommended that you provide the required maintenance, which may include annual aerating, power raking (dethatching) and
seasonal fertilizing. Check out our Property Maintenance Services for more info on the services we offer.

New Sod

New sod requires attention and maintenance on a daily basis so make sure to give your new sod the assiduity it needs to ensure successful growth. Follow these easy tips and you will be well on your way to enjoying your new lawn for years to come!

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