Landscape Ideas for Small Back Yards

4 Ways To Maximize Space

Just because you have a small back yard doesn’t mean you can’t create a beautiful space that is useful & inviting.  Check out these tips on how to make even the tiniest of yards an outdoor retreat that you will love.

  1. Create Outdoor Rooms

Creating a series of different “rooms” in a small back yard can help make it appear and feel larger.  An effective way to do this is to incorporate a grade change by elevating part of the landscape.  For example, a slightly raised deck could be the perfect spot for barbecuing, while just below sits a welcoming dining area next to a comfy seating arrangement surrounding a fire pit. Splitting up the landscape into areas for lounging, dining, relaxing or growing will really go a long way to making an outdoor space feel spacious.

  1. Clean Lines

Using clean, straight lines will not only provide a tidy and pleasing design element, but it also tricks you into thinking a small area is much more spacious than it is. The streamlined look is effective by keeping the eye drawn up and all the way through the entire space creating the illusion that it is longer and wider.  Not only will the outdoor living space seem larger, the simplicity of the straight lines will also lend an elegant & unique look to the space.

  1. Create Height

The use of vertical space can be quite effective when working with a small back yard. Outdoor features such as pergolas, lattice screens, or retaining walls with raised beds are excellent design choices for giving a landscape the height boost it needs to appear larger and give it movement.

  1. Focal Point

Any good landscape design incorporates one or more focal points and this is especially useful when landscaping a small yard.  Adding a focal point to the landscape design will draw your eye and keep you moving through the space while adding a sense of style & character. Including a focal point such as an ornamental tree or plant, a stone fire pit, pergola or a flagstone patio will offer an aesthetic visual, which will make the space appear bigger.

Make the most of your small yard with these tips for the ultimate outdoor living space!

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