Low Maintenance Landscaping

Tips On Creating A Low Maintenance Landscape

Want to spend more time enjoying your outdoor living space during the warmer months? If you answered yes, then a low maintenance landscape may be exactly what you need. Save time & money with these low maintenance landscaping tips:


Using quality, low fuss materials to build your landscape will no doubt save you a ton of time when it comes to maintenance. Composite decking, for example, is a durable, long lasting and attractive choice to use when building a deck that doesn’t require staining and won’t splinter or rot. This means more deck time spent with family & friends around the barbecue and less time spent on your hands & knees painting and repairing!

Less Lawn, More Hardscape

Opting to reduce or replace your lawn is an excellent way of minimizing your yard maintenance, with the added benefits of saving both water & money. Instead of having a large area for grass, consider substituting areas with hardscape features such as a paving stone patio, stone retaining wall or decorative border around low maintenance beds. A tip when designing your hardscape – consider a change of elevation, which can help divide the yard into separate areas and add flow to the landscape. Choosing a long lasting hardscape will provide you with an outdoor living space that you can spend more time enjoying without worrying about making time-consuming repairs.


Adding mulch to beds is another amazing low maintenance option with a range of benefits. Available in a variety of different types and colours, mulch is a very durable choice and can improve the look of any landscape. Mulch in beds not only benefits plant growth by nourishing the soil below, but it also helps to discourage weeds from growing through. Another bonus to mulch is that it holds water and protects the soil from drying out, cutting down on watering requirements. If mulch isn’t your thing, try a decorative rock, such as rundle rock, which offers a lot of the same benefits.

Choosing the Right Plants

Choosing the right plants for your yard is a step that can make or break a low maintenance landscape. Make sure you check plant labels and choose the right size and most suitable placement depending on the amount of sunlight / shade they will require. A popular low maintenance option is ornamental grass. These grasses come in a bunch of different varieties and will even grow through the winter months with the most upkeep being a quick trim off the top just before growing season begins. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

Finishing Touches

Adding certain features to your yard can greatly enhance the look of your landscape while still keeping it easy to maintain. With zero upkeep, placing an ornamental stone or boulder in a garden bed, for example, can add contrast & texture while creating a unique look that will last for years. Potted plants are also an attractive option to add some colour to a space without worrying about weeds taking over – less work for you!

Spend less time staining, mowing, weeding & watering for summers to come by letting us help you create that beautiful, low maintenance landscape that you’ve been dreaming of!

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