Assiniboine Landscape Construction – North Calgary


Here are some landscape construction projects Assiniboine  built this summer in North Calgary.


This landscape was built in Sage Hill with Ironstone boulders we trucked in from close to Cranbrook.


Sage Valley Ironstone Retaining Walls and fireplace


Sage Valley Ironstone Retaining Walls Fireplace and patio


This Rocky Ridge project is a perfect backyard set up for a house in Calgary’s newer communities, where space & privacy need to be maximized.  The deck and privacy lattice are built with presssure treated lumber with aluminum spindles on the railings, lastly the patio is a cobble circle pattern.





This backyard in Rocky Ridge is another great example of getting the most of your backyard space within close proximity to your house and combining different materials to create interest.  The deck and privacy lattice are constructed with cedar, while the charcoal patio is double holland and the retaining wall is Pisa II, finished with a pressure treated fence with a lattice top.





This Rocky Ridge project was an exercise in taming a large hill in a large backyard in a functional way with value in mind.  We used pressure treated lumber to build the wall tiering the hill and then a crushed limestone along the flat walkway to allow for easy access to the yard.   Weed fabric and washed gravel in the rest of the beds creates a lower maintenance and clean sloping bed around the existing vegetation.


This is a front patio porch in Tuscany we replaced with composite decking and beige aluminum railings, there is something to be said for never having to paint again!




This backyard we built in Tuscany tiering a sloping backyard with large sandstone boulders, regraded the backyard and then installed the low maintenance beds, trees and sod.




A great home in Scenic Acres where we built a little in the front and a little in the back…  In the front we rebuilt the raised beds in a unique shape and added a mow brick border to make mowing / trimming easier…  In the back we replaced some old rotten retaining walls with new pressure treated ones, and the put down a paving stone pathway to reduce unnecessary mowing and allow for easy access to the garden.




This a nice little circle cobble stone patio we built in Arbour Lake this summer, great functionality and great value!



Here is a large project we built in Panorama Hills with a all the walls and steps built with Ironstone Boulders, the patio with Charcoal Rocky Mountain pavers and a cedar fence and gate.





Thanks for visiting our website, we hope you enjoyed these projects and are getting excited to landscape your own yard this summer!  Give us a call at 403 301 3300 to get a free estimate & consultation.




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