Landscape Design

To help put ideas into a plan, you may want to hire a landscape designer to create a computer automated scale drawing of your yard which is useful on larger projects with a lot of different components.

Katherine Kinch

Katherine Kinch is the founder and principal of Your Space By Design, an interior and landscape design company that has been based in Calgary for over 5 years. We work closely with her and others like her to complete large projects where the client needs help to conceptualize a design. She is passionate about transforming indoor and outdoor spaces into beautiful places.

“I usually provide a complete design that incorporates the client’s wish list and then give them suggestions for features or areas that can be enhanced or improved,” says Kinch. “Clients really like this because it gives them a solution to work with a complete plan for all their wants. I also give them product options for different areas so they see which one they like best.”

Katherine’s website is

Landscape Design

We encourage you to call her. We love to complete her plans!

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