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family enjoying their beautiful yard
Charcoal pisa II and revers a cap capstones, rundle flagstone upper patio, cedar mulch, charcoal barkman dimensional paving stone patio, cedar fence and arbour / bar area – designed by


Tom and Nadine’s backyard is the epitome of maximizing space and implementing lifestyle in landscape design.

Their house, located close to downtown, has had extensive renovations over the last couple of years and when this modernization process was close completion, the focus finally turned to the property’s landscape. The couple’s south facing back yard receives great afternoon light and they wanted to exploit the largest amount of area where they could enjoy the sun.  To this professional couple, their backyard was intended to be an area of reprieve after hard days of working in the office.

Their first approach was to work with a landscape designer who analyzed their intended uses of the space and walked them through the options. The couple, which have small children, needed an enclosed area where the kids could play. Nadine, who enjoys gardening, wanted space to employ this hobby craft, and Tom, who enjoys a cooking on his large BBQ, wanted a deck and patio where they could entertain.


When Assiniboine broke dirt on the project there was a lot to do. The original yard had severe slope and the re-countouring of the land required a set of retaining walls interrupted by stairs to be built. The end product included a large stone patio, stone walls, kids area, fire place, deck, fence, sod and vegetation.


“Both Tom and I were really happy with the service we received from Assiniboine,” said Nadine as I join them for a Sunday afternoon lunch outside. “The poor guys had terrible weather to work in when they were at our place but they worked really hard to get the job done despite the fact. Eric [the crew leader] was very approachable and his advice was well heeded all the way through. He helped me pick the plants for the garden and everything turned out amazing. Our backyard is really delightful now.”

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