Project Manager Interview

You probably have some questions when thinking about your project. Here are a few common questions Assiniboine Lights and Landscapes get asked, answered by one of our project managers.

What are the 5 most important tasks that need to be accomplished on the initial site walk through?

  1. Go over the estimate, review the scope of the project (which is all the line items), and where they are going to be installed.
  2. Re-measure all components of the project to ensure both parties are on the same page as far as sizes go and proper numbers can be confirmed. This helps prevent any unwanted ‘surprises’ throughout the construction process.
  3. Go over all final product decisions – confirm styles, patterns and colours.
  4. Go over the places (driveways/streets/alleys etc.) where product can be delivered, access points to the yard, where to park and ensure that neighbours have been notified of the construction.
  5. Receive a deposit cheque so all product can be ordered and construction can commence according to plan.


What are the best ways for a client to prepare for your construction team?

  1. Get all your ideas and plans confirmed before construction is scheduled to start.
  2. Lay out a hose or spray paint the yard to get comfortable with the scale of the project.
  3. View all different products (if possible) to confirm you like the colours and styles.
  4. Notify your neighbours of the construction and that it will be messy for a bit.
  5. Plan to ‘be around’ the city during the construction process so that you can do daily site visits.
  6. Have your plant favourites ready. We can provide advice but want to make sure you get what you want.
  7. Make plans for Rover (your dog) because it will be muddy and the fences/gates will be open.

Calgary Landscape Construction

The best projects are usually a result of what?

The best projects are usually the result of strong communication between the homeowner and the project manager. Both need to ‘work together’ to bring the best out of the lot and create the ideal landscape. Assiniboine’s project managers are the best in the business and listening to their opinions and advice will help ensure that you get an “Assiniboine Quality” yard. With proper design, quality product and superb workmanship you are sure to get the yard of your dreams.

Calgary Landscape Construction

What should a client expect on the final walk through?

The final walk through is a chance for the client and project manager to go over the entire project and address any last minute details that need to be fixed up. Once you’ve gone over all the details together, the client will make the final payment and begin to enjoy their beautiful new landscape!

Calgary Landscape Construction

How does a warranty call work?

If there is ever an issue that comes up with your new landscape, although it rarely happens, we are prepared to solve it. Simply go online and fill out a warranty request form outlining the problem and submit a photo of the area in concern. Once Assiniboine receives your request we will be in immediate contact and schedule you in for the necessary fix up.

Calgary Landscape Construction

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