Calgary stone patio built with Rustic cobble pavers in a ying-yang pattern

Materials & Patterns Choices

Once the function and layout of your landscape design are determined, the next step in the design process is typically choosing materials and patterns.  Product selection can be exciting and sometimes a little overwhelming.  Many people don’t realize just how many products are available, but this is a good thing! It means that you will be able to find just what you are looking for to make your yard unique to your personal preference.

Choosing Materials

Size – Keep in mind the size of your patio or walkway and the overall space you have to work with when deciding on the product and choose something proportional.  Often times, smaller pavers work nicely in smaller spaces, and larger products work better in larger spaces.

Style – With so many product options available, finding something that matches your own personal style shouldn’t be too difficult.  To help narrow down the choices, try to first determine if you would prefer natural stone or interlocking pavers.  Also, try to consider choosing products that will compliment the architecture and colour of your home.  From rustic, to modern, the options are plentiful. It can be quite helpful to visit local landscape centres to see the different products in person or you can check online at places like: or

Choosing Laying Patterns

Proportion – Similar to choosing product, you will want to keep in mind the size of the space when choosing your pattern as to not make the design too overpowering. On the other hand, if you are working with a large area, mixing patterns can be a great way to define different areas within your landscape.

Single vs. Multi Size – Using a single size paving stone pattern can offer a clean and uniform look, however, using a pattern that includes 3 or more sizes can provide an interesting and unique feel and can add character to your home and landscape. For a more random asymmetrical pattern, opt for a “flagstone” style.  Some other popular laying patterns are: circular, herringbone, running bond, fan, rocky mountain & basket weave.

Borders/Accents – Adding a border to your patio or walkway will offer a detailed & finished look while providing an added sense of style. An accent like a “paver rug” will also provide a unique detail and custom “stand-out” look to your overall design.

With a little research and shopping around, you can be confident that there is a product out there that will allow you to create the perfect outdoor setting that suits your individual style.  Be sure to take your time with the process and have fun with it! For more design ideas, check out some of our past work.

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