Fence Design & Construction

Adding a new fence to your property can add privacy, beauty and increase your property value.  Before you go ahead with your new fence project, here are a few things to first consider:


When considering what style to choose for you new fence, think about what your needs are.  Are you trying to keep your pet contained while in the yard? Are you looking for maximum privacy and security? Or maybe you just want something low maintenance? From classic to contemporary, there are many different styles available to enhance your space and meet your need requirements. For some fence design ideas, check out some of our past projects.


Chain Link

If you are looking for a maintenance free fence option, then chain link is a great choice.  Keep in mind though, a chain link fence will provide little to no privacy.  Many people choose this option if their yard backs onto green space or they don’t want to restrict a view. If you’re thinking of opting for a chain link fence but still want some privacy, try planting a hedge, like a Cottoneaster along the fence line.


One of the most common fence materials is wood as it provides a natural and beautiful aesthetic, it’s sturdy and comes in many different style varieties. Cedar continues to offer the greatest value for meeting customer expectations, however, it does require some maintenance. In order for your fence to stand the test of time, staining is recommended so that it is protected from damaging sun-rays and moisture.


Another great low maintenance option is vinyl fencing.  It is stronger than wood and you will never have to worry about water damage or decomposing.  Available in a variety of attractive styles and colours, it’s a great choice that will offer complete privacy to your outdoor space.


Ornamental fencing can offer an elegant sense of style and uniqueness to your property. It’s a very durable and low maintenance option, however, if you require privacy, then an ornamental fence may not be your best choice.

Gates & Hardware

Offered in a multitude of styles to fit your personal preference, gates and hardware are the finishing touches, the cherry on top if you will, to your new fence.  From a wrought iron inlay in a cedar gate to fence post caps, to adding a decorative arbor, there are many options to choose from.

Other Things to Keep in Mind:

Be sure to check for any restrictions with your local building codes and bylaws.  Currently, in the city of Calgary, you do not require a permit for a fence if it is under 6ft high in the backyard, and 4ft high in the front yard.  Some communities have their own restrictions, so make sure to inquire about that as well. Also be sure to call or click before you dig  to have utilities located to reduce the risk of personal injury or property damage.

Hiring an experienced contractor for your fence project will ensure that your fence is built properly and on time. Assiniboine Lights & Landscapes’ mission is to provide the best quality workmanship, service and products available, at the best price, to our valued clients.

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