Benefits of a Professional Spring Yard Clean Up

Why your Lawn Loves a Spring Clean Up

Spring is finally here and it’s the perfect time to start thinking about booking a professional clean up of your yard. A Spring Clean Up is a crucial step in reviving and preparing your yard for the upcoming growing season and provides a great start to promoting a healthy lawn and landscape.

Assiniboine Lights & Landscapes is here to help give you the jump start your yard needs this spring, making it easier for you to enjoy your outdoor living space as soon as possible!

The Benefits:

Here’s what a full Spring Yard Clean Up involves along with the benefits of each service. For more information on pricing and availability, contact us at the office.

Leaf/Debris Clean up & Removal

This is the first and visually defining step of any spring clean up. Besides the obvious aesthetic reasons, removing leaves and other smothering debris that winter has left behind allows your yard to breathe again which is the first step to promote growth.

young man raking leaves into a pile

Power Rake (De-thatch)

Power raking (also know as de-thatching) is an important step in the Spring Clean Up process as it removes and controls thatch. Removing thatch also increases the effectiveness of fertilization & water absorption, which benefits a successful and healthy growing season.

What is Thatch? It is a build up of organic material, such as dead grass, that sits above the surface of the soil, which, if not removed, will hinder new growth.

man using a power raker with trailer behind him

First Lawn Cut

The first cut not only leaves your lawn looking clean and manicured, but it is also another beneficial step in preparing the grass for the summer months ahead. It will encourage growth and clean up any remains of debris that may have been left on your lawn once the dethatching is complete.

backyard lawn with cut lines on grass from lawn mower

Core Aeration (Optional)

Aerating is highly recommended and should be done at least once a year in the spring. An aeration machine is used and it punches holes in the turf to remove small plugs of soil that are left on top of the grass to decompose back into the lawn. Aerating allows oxygen to the roots, which results in better absorption of water and nutrients, leaving your lawn nourished. Aeration also relieves soil compaction and is a great way to control thatch, both of which prompt a lush green lawn to enjoy all summer long!

man pushing an aeration machine on lawn

Spring Fertilizer (Optional)

If it’s a thick, green, and healthy lawn you’re after, then adding fertilizer this spring is another recommended step to optimize your Spring Clean Up. In Calgary, we use a quality ‘time release’ granular fertilizer with controlled nitrogen release that feeds the lawn gradually over 2 months for a deep green colour. Fertilizing is a perfect compliment to a freshly aerated lawn as it gives it the nutrient boost it needs to kick the grass growth into high gear!

Benefits Spring Yard Clean Up

As you can see, getting a professional Spring Clean Up is a great start for your landscape with many benefits which will allow you to spend more time enjoying it, and less time maintaining it all summer long.

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