Creative Solutions Using Fencing

Cedar Seclusion

The hot tub in the Peters household is the perfect accompaniment to an expansive deck that opens up from sliding French doors to wonderful southwest facing light. The only trouble, is that the tub location is quite close to their property line and there is more than one, 3 story house that can overlook it. The answer? Privacy lattice, installed by the Assiniboine team to block the lines of sight to the tub.

‘I had a neighbor whose fence I really liked,’ explains Dianna as she shows us proudly around her backyard. ‘I finally went and asked them who they had put the fence in for them and it turned out to be Assiniboine Lights and Landscapes. We called them up and they responded immediately. They came out and gave us an estimate and the quote was quite competitive, in fact it was the cheapest one!’

The privacy lattice was just part of the job in the Peters yeard. One of the unique features of the is the large hammock that hangs, invitingly, just off the deck by the hot tub. In order for it to work, Assiniboine installed a large single timber, buried with a deep foundation and re-enforced with concrete so the hammock could support a grown man.

‘The hammock is my husband’s favourite spot in our yard. We needed a post that could support the weight of one or two people and this does the job perfectly,’ says Dianna as she taps the large post of wood.

The last big piece of the backyard was a fence along the street and a barrier and gate to separate the front and back yards. The fence line followed the slope of the backyard and features a cascading ridgeline that is eloquent and crisp. The horizontal wood pieces of the fence add a subtle flair, compared to the vertical wood in most of the neighbor’s yards and it matches the privacy lattice on the deck and hot tub areas perfectly.

‘We’ve had a lot of compliments on the way everything matches. Assiniboine gave us the suggestions of using horizontal, cedar wood and we absolutely love it. We’re also very pleased with the workmanship on the gate.’

Was Dianna happy with the work that Assiniboine did for her?

‘Happy would be an understatement,’ she says emphatically with a smile. ‘I would say I was thrilled with the work. Not only were they on time and showed up regularly. When they were finished for a day, they cleaned up their work site and put everything away. Then the next morning they would come back and do it all again. I would recommend them highly. I’d give them five out of five if I had to. Easily.’

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