10 Tips for a Healthy Garden

1. Prepare your soil properly. Ninety percent of your gardening success hinges on proper soil preparation. Know the soil in your garden and learn what it needs to be healthy. Start the gardening season off right with soil the consistency of chocolate cake. Use the appropriate potting soil for your potted plants… Assiniboine provides a top quality Garden Mix to all our clients…

2. Use multiple quantities of the same plant. Repetition will anchor your garden and make it appear lush, coordinated and full.

3. Enjoy organic fruits and vegetables. A wide variety of environmentally friendly pest control options are on the market for the most common vegetable garden pests.

4. Enhance the environment and your garden. Make a point of cutting your lawn only when it reaches 2 ½ inches minimum, water it only once a week, fertilize with a slow release nitrogen based product three times per year. Water potted plants using water collected in a rain barrel.

5. Be generous with your compost. Add two centimeters of compost to your garden each year. Start your own composter…

6. Travel to the great gardens of the world. When traveling to other cities or countries take notes/pictures and open your eyes to the possibilities of introducing different plants and garden design options in your own yard.

7. Attract wildlife to your yard. Using native plants and feeders, you can attract hummingbirds, song birds and butterflies to your garden, enhancing its natural beauty.

8. Mulch with soft wood bark mulch. Mulch, the low maintenance gardener’s secret weapon, helps your garden retain moisture, prevents soil erosion and reduces weed growth.

9. Plan your garden colours in advance. ‘Colour block’ to give your garden authority. This year’s colour trends suggest bold colours to electrify your garden.

10. Reduce any difficulty. Lessen your work load by sharpening the blades of hoes, axes and shovels with a Metal File before use.

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