Your Space, Your Style – Elevated Oasis

Timber tech composite decking with regal aluminum and glass railings


The view from the deck was one thing that particularly sealed the deal for Dale and Doreen when they bought their new home on Calgary’s west side. 

At that time, sixteen years ago, the subdivision was brand new and there was a sea of wooden roofs that their deck towered over.  The real selling point was the majestic Rocky Mountains which could be seen in the distance. These days, as the trees in the neighborhood have grown, this empty nest couple has an elevated perch among a canopy of leaves, but still the mountain view remains.  It’s a place where the couple often shares a morning coffee and where they maintain a host of blooming plants in the summer.


“The project was completed on time and on budget.”

Originally a completely wood structure, after sixteen years in the house, the deck was falling apart. The wooden spindles were becoming shaky and grandchildren needed to be warned about slivers. They prolonged the life of the deck as long as they could by painting it on a yearly basis but finally the decision was made to get something new.

“We were very pleased with the work Assiniboine did for us,” mentions Doreen as she sips her coffee on a warm summer morning.  “We use the deck almost everyday in the summertime. We witness amazing sunsets from our perch and we love it.”

“We wanted a hassle free, low maintenance solution for our new deck,” Dale ads in. “We choose composite flooring because we liked the idea that it will never rot, not bleach from the sun and that we’ll never have to paint it. We also went with aluminum railings to avoid future slivers and we put in patio glass to increase the view.”

For this couple, a few moments on the patio can make all the difference in the day.



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