Shrub pruning

Winter Yard Prep

Needing to get your yard prepared for Winter? Here are 6 Winter Yard Prep tips:

1. Clean Up Debris

Cleaning up smothering debris from your lawn and beds will not only leave your yard looking tidy, but it will also safeguard it’s health and prevent the growth of fungi, viruses and insect larvae. For more info, check out Assiniboine’s Fall Yard Clean Up Services which also includes a final cut and trim!

Leaf Clean Up

2. Final Lawn Cut

A final cut and trim will leave your lawn looking clean and manicured and is also another beneficial step in preparing the grass for the next growing season, which will set you up for a beautiful lush lawn once spring rolls around next year.

3. Cut Back

Perennials come back year after year and are a “garden investment”. You will want to make sure to care for them right up until winter arrives. Some perennials don’t handle rough weather well, so depending on the plant, you’ll want to cut it back. Doing so will promote a healthier and more vigorous plant when it wakes up from winter dormancy. Wait until a frost has caused the plant to die back a bit, as you don’t want to trim it too early and encourage growth again before winter fully sets in. If anything, it’s a good idea to remove any dead leaves and limbs to avoid disease and pests. Trimming up tree branches is also recommended to prevent against snow damage to limbs.

4. Pull Annuals

It may seem like a sad occasion when it gets too cold for annuals to survive, but unfortunately they will need to be cleared out before winter arrives. After a big frost, it’s a good idea to pull up spent vines and foliage and compost them or dig them into the garden.

5. Mulch Garden

Adding a winter mulch material (organic matter such as chopped leaves and needles) to your plant beds can protect roots and soil from extreme weather and temperature changes. Wait until the ground is frozen to add mulch material in order to prevent rodents from moving in.

6. Blow Out Irrigation

Protect your irrigation system by winterizing your outdoor sprinklers. Removing water from the pipes, valves and sprinkler heads is essential before freezing occurs. It’s the best way to protect your irrigation investment from any serious damage.

Shrub pruning

Need help preparing your yard for Calgary’s winter months? Contact Assiniboine Lights and Landscapes today for all your Fall Clean Up and Snow Removal needs!