Planning Your Landscape Project

Thinking of landscaping your yard but don’t know where to begin?

Check out these helpful tips when planning your dream landscape:

1. Create A Wish List

A great place to start your landscape planning is to determine how you would like to use your outdoor space. Take into consideration the things you like to do when you spend time in your yard. For example, high on many homeowners’ wish lists is to have a dining area or place for a table and chairs. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination and really consider all of the options. The possibilities are nearly endless, but here are a few other popular wish list ideas:

  • seating area to gather around a fire pit
  • patio for lounging
  • deck for barbecuing
  • green space for kids to play
  • beds for some shrubs or a garden
  • retaining wall – stylish structure for leveling sites/stability
  • areas for relaxing
  • storage space
  • privacy
  • pergola for shade/focal point
  • hot tub area
  • walkways for easy access

2. Determine The Layout

Once you have decided what you want to see incorporated into your landscape plan, the next step is to determine where in the yard you want it situated. Take into consideration things like where the sunlight hits certain areas of your yard, privacy and overall flow of the space. Try laying out a garden hose or using spray paint to get a feel for sizing and shape etc.

3. Choose Materials

After you have determined what you want in your space and it’s placement, it’s time to choose products. With a plethora of choices available, you should have no problem finding materials that suit your needs and budget. Think about choosing products and patterns that compliment the architecture and colour of your home and keep in mind things like: maintenance requirements, durability, functionality and personal style preference. For inspiration and ideas, we encourage you to take a look at some of our past projects. It’s also a great idea to visit local landscape centres to see the different products in person or you can check online at places like Burnco or Expocrete.

With these tips in hand and a little research, planning and decision-making, you can create a landscape design that perfectly suits your taste and lifestyle. Assiniboine Lights & Landscapes can help make your vision a reality and we look forward to working with you. Book your project with us today and you will be that much closer to having the outdoor living space you will love and enjoy for years to come!

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