Patio Design & Construction

Summer is officially here in Calgary, and along with all this beautiful weather comes Patio Season!!  What better way to enjoy a hot sunny day than basking on a patio with an ice-cold beverage or a warm breezy evening lounging on the patio around a crackling fire. Whatever your heart desires, Assiniboine Lights & Landscapes can build you the custom patio required to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Design Options

Here are a few things to consider when thinking about your patio design:

Patio Use – Think about how you want to use the space. Do you like to entertain? Would you like a space for cooking and/or dining? Maybe you have a fire pit area in mind? How you want to use the space will determine how big you need your patio area to be and will also have an impact on budget and other design options like placement and product choice.

Size – As mentioned above, deciding on your patio use will help you to determine the size you require.For example, if you want to include a dining area into your patio space, make sure you will have enough space to fit furniture with room to walk around.

Location – When deciding on location, think about convenience and flow of the space. For example, a patio area for a barbecue works well near a doorway allowing easy access to the kitchen. Other important things to note when choosing the location of your patio are: water flow & drainage, sunny/shady areas, utility lines and privacy.

Budget – Design a patio that meets your budget. There are many design options available to fit every budget, style and need. Feel free to contact us any time to discuss your options – we are pleased to offer free estimates & complimentary consultations!

Product – When choosing product, keep in mind a few things like: maintenance requirements, colours & materials that compliment your home, budget, combinations & patterns etc. There are a multitude of material possibilities to choose from to fit your needs and style.

Covered Area/Privacy – Another design option to consider for your patio is choosing whether or not to have a covered area or privacy feature. For example, incorporating a custom pergola or privacy lattice into your patio design can provide a beautiful and private shaded space, which can also add an element of interest to the overall design.

Other Ideas – Think about what else you wish to incorporate into your patio design to make it the perfect usable space. Depending on your wants and needs, some other ideas you may want to consider are: fire pit or fireplace, custom-built hot tub area, special lighting, or stone slab steps. Adding these special features can really take your patio design to the next level and provide you with the most enjoyable usage.

Whatever style, budget or design you choose for your patio project, you can be confident that when building your landscape, our focus is quality construction and longevity. Assiniboine Lights & Landscapes takes pride in the work that we do and it is our mission to provide the absolute best quality workmanship, service and product available to our valued customers. We know that you are putting your trust and confidence in us to build you the best product, and our goal is just that; to provide you with a beautiful, long lasting outdoor living space that you and your loved ones can enjoy for a lifetime!

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