Stacked Rundle Firepit

An outdoor space becomes so much more useable when there’s a focal point, a place where family, friends and neighbours can gather together, sit outside and socialize. For Calvin Chew and his family, the Rundle stone fire pit has become the perfect addition to their home.

Calvin came across a picture of a stacked Rundle stone fireplace and saw the potential for his own yard, which was already a lush expanse of healthy grass.

The yard actually has a significant slope to it. But the Assiniboine crew was able to work with the natural terrain and integrate the fire pit into the landscape.“It took a whole lot of work to get it level,” says Calvin. “They did it all by hand. The yard was already landscaped, so they couldn’t get any machines to work in there.”

Kris Cormier, the Project Manager, is proud of the way everything turned out. “It’s simple, ordered and tied together,” he says. “So it’s super solid.”

Calvin wanted something different for his backyard, something that would stand out. “We didn’t want something where the bricks all looked the same. We wanted that natural rock look.”

The Rundle stones are perfect for that. And now Calvin and his family have a beautiful outdoor extension of their home, a place where they can sit and exchange stories over the comfort of a roaring fire.


This rustic firepit brings the great outdoors to your own backyard.

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