Benefits of a Fall Yard Clean Up

Getting A Professional Fall Clean Up – The Benefits:

Fall is officially here, and with that comes pumpkin spice lattes, cooler weather, and of course, some dreaded yard maintenance. That’s where we come in! Fall is an important time when it comes to maintaining your yard, as it prepares it for the next growing season and sets you up for a beautiful lush lawn once spring rolls around next year.


What’s Involved in a Fall Yard Clean Up?

Leaf Clean Up & Removal

Besides the obvious aesthetic reasons, removing leaves and other smothering debris is key when it comes to promoting a healthy yard. Cleaning away dead plant matter from your lawn and beds will safeguard it’s health and prevent the growth of fungi, viruses and insect larvae. 

Final Grass Cut & Trim

The final cut & trim not only leaves your lawn looking clean and manicured, but it is also another beneficial step in preparing the grass for next spring. It will encourage growth and also clean up any remains of debris that may have been left on your lawn once the clean up is complete.

Core Aeration (Additional)

Aerating allows oxygen to the roots and better absorption of water and nutrients, which encourages strong root development before winter sets in. Aeration also relieves soil compaction and is an excellent way to control thatch, which will create the optimal grass-growing environment come spring.

Fertilization (Additional)

Fertilizing is an important lawn care practice, as it influences grass color, ability to recover from stress and helps prevent weed invasions and disease. We use a quality granular fertilizer with controlled nitrogen release that feeds the lawn gradually. This application sits and waits for the spring thaw. Once things start warming up, the fertilizer will provide your turf with the earliest nutrients possible. This gives your lawn a great start to the growing season.

Bed Maintenance (Additional)

Weeds taking over your flowerbeds? Let us help. Getting your beds clean up and weeded before winter makes an easier start to your gardening come spring time. We provide everything from one-time overhauls to ongoing maintenance.

Trimming & Pruning (Additional)

Our crews are able to prune and trim hedges, shrubs and trees under 8 ft tall.


Assiniboine’s experienced crews are dedicated to delivering a professional and thorough fall clean up service. Your fall clean up will not only help safeguard your lawn and landscape against disease and the frosty winter ahead, but most of all, it will help protect your investment.

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