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Backyard Entertaining

Sharon and Steve have large extended families that they like to entertain. When the group gets together they have a great time but they require a big space to host them all. Entertaining family was the big driver when Sharon and Steve approached the landscaping of their backyard. The idea to create a space that a lot of people could feel comfortable at and mix in a variety of different settings like a bar, the cooking area, and a large fire place area were wanted.


The first step in the landscape process was to meet with an Assiniboine landscape designer. Kathy met with Sharon and Steve at their house and discussed the objectives they wanted to achieve with them. Soon plans were being created for their space. The house backs on to Fish Creek Park and has amazing views of the mountains. A big hearth fire place was planned that would mix the experience of a having a fire in the wonderful natural green space all with the confines of their backyard. A large cooking area, with a BBQ, bar seats and a large L-shaped counter space was next on the list. A large timber-framed roof would provide shelter for this area and also add a standout accent for the whole space. Other features planned included a rounded bar stand, a water fountain, a pergola on along a walkway and several pathways, and steps leading to and from a large stone patio.



Once the design was signed off on, Assiniboine’s project manager Kris met with Sharon and Steve and the hard work of construction commenced. It was a big job and it took most of the summer.


‘The team was fabulous, every step of the way,’ explains Sharron as sips a white wine with Steve. The two are enjoying a fire and watching the sun go down on a pleasant evening in the late summer in their new space. ‘Anytime there was a little thing that I wasn’t sure about, Kris would meet me in the morning and we would walk it through. Fantastic. The workers were polite and the workspace was clean.’

‘There were no real issues,’ Steve adds in. ‘They were very quick, and fair I would say. This is exactly the venue that we need. Very nice guys.’


‘We just felt that it was a very personable job and that the people really cared about the job they were doing for us. Thanks Assiniboine!’

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