Clean Slate

Roman Paving Stone Patio & Rundle Flagstone Path

Some people see the empty plot of land on which they built their new house as a chore, a final task in the completion of creating their new home. But some people see that pile of dirt as a blank canvas, a clean slate on which they can express their sense of style and create a space that they can truly call their own. Really, the unfinished yard is like a blank sheet of paper awaiting the creative touch of the human hand and mind.

Leigh Douglas had a vision for her new home in Mackenzie Town’s Elgin. And with the help of Assiniboine Lights and Landscapes, she turned that vision into one of the nicest yards we’ve ever taken part in creating. “It was such a good idea,” says Kris Cormier, the Project Manager who worked with Leigh to execute her plan. “We built it up the way she wanted it and I think it looks awesome.”

Leigh also credits Katherine from Your Space by Design in the creative process. “She was invaluable…She listened to everything on my wishlist and then came up with the overall design.”

It’s the details that make this project so visually appealing. Notice how the path to the garage follows the curve of the Charcol Roman Euro Paving Stone Patio. And look how seamlessly the Rundle Flagstone Path blends into the design. This isn’t just landscaping. It’s art.

“I loved Katherine’s idea for the pathway that meanders through the yard and around the patio,” says Douglas.

“And Kris’s knowledge and experience were very helpful,” she adds. “Because of his recommendations, I am confident that my patios, walkways and paths will stand the test of time.”

Leigh’s responsible for the beautiful gardens that you see in the pictures, noting that she added a truckload of compost and black mulch to create flower beds for her plants.

“The patios and walkways naturally divide the yard into separate areas for various themed perennial beds,” she adds. As with any landscaping project, it’s essential to factor in the local weather and natural environment. The yard faces south, so it gets plenty of sun through the day. There is a nice shady spot in front of the garage though, which is where Leigh included a small patch of grass for her dog Rio (The Rio Retreat). And she also included a smaller, second patio that has beautiful views of the environmental reserve and natural pond beyond her yard.

“The small patio at the edge of the yard is perfect for reading and admiring the view,” says Leigh.

It’s so apparent in talking with Leigh that she’s proud of her yard. And when you look at the pictures of what it looked like before she started breaking ground, you really appreciate her vision.

“This is definitely one of the cooler projects I’ve been a part of,” adds Cormier.

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