Urban Sanctuary

Check out this article on an landscape construction project we completed in an infill in Calgary’s NE. Clean lines and modern style create the perfect urban contemporary getaway.

Picture this: six to seven years after your backyard project is initiated, the Columnar Aspens that you planted are thirty feet tall and the Blue Oak grasses have matured into a healthy row of well-nourished foliage. Between the Aspens and your Redwood Privacy Lattice, the backyard is yours and nobody else’s. This is your space, and it’s the ultimate reflection of your style. There’s no better place to kick up your feet and soak in the serenity of your own private kingdom.

When the sun sets over the western horizon and the air takes on that classic Albertan chill, you turn on your hard-wired gas fireplace and flick the switches on the two torches that sit on either side of your garden. Your backyard is the perfect place to gather with the people you care about.

This is how you pictured it when you started dreaming up the idea: people sitting on the retaining wall (that’s why you put the extra caps on) and the glass beads of your fireplace casting a comforting hue into the fading night. The fireplace is in the perfect spot, heating your space and making it that much more enjoyable. Why watch TV when you can sit outside and feel like you’re miles away from anywhere else?

“This is my favourite job that I’ve ever worked on,” says Kris Cormier, the Project Manager that worked with the homeowner to create this incredible, zero-maintenance backyard. “I love the details, like how the pattern of the paving stones doesn’t really repeat itself,” adds Cormier. “You could just tell the space was going to be perfect for them.”

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