rundle stone retaining wall with steps

Pieced Together Over Time

Merging separate projects, years apart, in the same yard

overhead view of landscaped backyard

Phil and Bev researched patio stones online and fell in love with the Bridgewood Pavers slabs from Burnco for their latest backyard patio project. A few years before, the couple had hired Assiniboine to install a Rundle Stone retaining wall and so it was natural to call Assiniboine again for their next project. A series of steps down the side of the house and a multi level patio that interfaced with the back door exits, as well as a new stair case leading to the front yard was on the wish list for the latest renovation to their space. “To me it looks natural that the stairs [to the upper patio]should have been there all along. It’s a great addition, that’s safe for the kids to use and it matches in color,” Phil tells us as we check in with him on a sunny afternoon in September. Their two children circle curiously around us for a moment before going to play in the treehouse. “We’re fortunate to have a big back yard and we spend a lot of time back here,” says Deb, who lounges comfortably on their new patio funiture. “We have dinner outside now, whereas before we never used to.”

paving stone patio underneath raised deck

Would they recommend Assiniboine? “For sure,” said Phil, “They’re a professional company and once they get going on a project they make sure it’s done right. We’ve had a couple different crews and all the guys have been professional and friendly to our kids as well.” “This has been pieced together over time,” explained Bev, “but it’s come together better than I thought it would. I especially liked Assiniboine’s recommendations in terms of how to tie our two big projects together to make it fit.”What are Phil and Bev’s children’s favourite part of the yard? Well the tree house of course but picking fresh vegetables out of the garden is a close second. Ask your project manager or estimator about integrating a garden in the right spot where water is retained and the location is convenient. In Bev and Phil’s case the garden is neatly tucked away as part of the cascading steps that connect their front and back yards. 

rundle stone retaining wall with steps

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