different types of materials used in this backyard

Materials & Products

Landscape Material & Product Choices

There are endless landscape material and product choices which can make or break the aesthetics and value of a landscape. Assiniboine will help you make the right choices for your property and lend our years of expertise to help make your yard a sanctuary.

When choosing materials and products for your new landscape take into consideration how you will use the space, is it for decorative effect or for a low maintenance and functional area? Consider the durability of the material; is there any maintenance required? And keep your budget in mind. Choose both quality and functional products in a ‘popular’ colour to increase your satisfaction.

paving stone patio, paving stone pathway, flagstone pathway, mulch beds
Charcoal roman euro paving stone patio and pathway with a flagstone pathway and black mulch beds.

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Trusted Suppliers

Assiniboine uses various suppliers for different products, depending on availability and product quality. While you are looking at the various products take notes, photos and samples of the products you like, so you can see if it goes with your house, and Assiniboine can provide you with the most accurate price.

Check out some of our suppliers for examples of the available Paving Stones, Retaining Wall Blocks, Natural Flagstones, Boulders, Mulches, Gravels, Trees and Shrubs.