Landscape Your Home for a Buyers Market

Calgary’s housing market is in for another tough year. Predictions are home sales will rise slightly this year by about 3%, but still nowhere near the resale prices of 2014. In this down economy, you have to be resourceful when you are selling your home. One of the ways that you can be sure to get ‘second glances’ is by completing any landscape project that you have started, or thought about starting.

Here are 3 areas of to focus on when you are thinking of selling your home.


1. Front Yard Curb Appeal.

You know the old saying; you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That really holds true with front yard curb appeal. Make sure your stonework is finished, the steps and pillars are painted, and the grass is well looked after. All of those things will be deciding factors when a potential buyer is looking at your home.

We spoke with Maxwell Realtor, Brad Pond and he gave us his thoughts on first impressions. “Curb appeal is one of the most important things that people look for when buying a home. They may not say it out loud, but it’s first impressions and the overall wow that sells a home.”


2. Backyard Simplicity.

If you are getting ready to sell your home, all you might need is a yard crew to come into your backyard and clean everything up.

We often see backyards filled up with bottles, leaves, branches, and a simple afternoon with our crew can fix any eye sore that is lingering around to potential buyers.

Keeping it simple is a great way to let future homebuyers use their imagination to see the potential for your backyard space.


3. Regular Maintenance.

This one is a big one. You can’t expect to ignore your lawn for years, and then decide to sell, and magically you have a lush green lawn — front, and back. It just doesn’t work that way.

Regular watering, mowing, and lawn care is what will make the difference when you decide that you want to sell your home. We have an entire lawn care and maintenance division that is dedicated to keeping Calgary lawns lush and green.

People often forget that the outside is sometimes just as important as the inside. Care and attention to a yard usually indicate care and attention to a house, and that is what potential buyers are going to be looking for.


These are just three ways that you can improve your chances of selling your home in a down economy. There are always many other factors, but if you can start with these simple outside upgrades, you will already be in a good position when you want to sell.

Even after all of this is said and done, Brad tells us “while landscaping will increase the stability of your home, make sure you also do it for your enjoyment. Don’t landscape for a quick flip.”

That is an excellent way to view landscaping.

Landscape for your enjoyment, and take some time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Or the labor of others – either way, your enjoyment is the key.

If you have any landscaping projects that you have been thinking about, contact us here at Assiniboine Landscapes. We would love the chance to speak to you about your curb appeal needs.

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