Firepit Favourite

An addition to the project becomes the most loved feature

When the Rush family decided it was time to re-do their back yard they called a few different companies for an estimate. A couple of the quotes came back as ‘crazy’ and so they decided to keep searching. The couple had seen the Assiniboine trucks working in their neighborhood and then looked up Assiniboine on the Internet. They were already Christmas light customers so there was a familiarity with the company but they knew the landscaping was going to be a much larger project. Several years after the original build of their home, the deck was rotting and the yard wasn’t efficiently using the space they had. On top of that, the slope of the back yard would cause water to pool against the house and they knew this could potentially lead to a problem if it wasn’t taken care of.  The couple knew there was a better solution to their space but needed the team to align their budget and their vision.

‘We worked well with the estimator, right from the start,’ explains Shannon as she relaxes in her blue chair by her fire place on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the fall. The family has decided to have a fire and play some games together on the lawn before Chris, her husband and their son go to the Stampeders game.  ‘Once we decided to start, Assiniboine guided us through the permits we needed, which was really helpful.’ 

While the family votes the fireplace as their favourite feature of the project Shannon agrees but also speaks up in defense of the new deck.

‘I wasn’t on board originally to get a full new deck. I said we should just fix what we have but when we ended up seeing the final product, it was pretty amazing how much more room we had and how much more we use it. Now we entertain way more than we used to. In fact, I often have a ladies lunch on the deck if it’s sunny. It’s so great.’

After talking with their project manager Dave, and looking through the Assiniboine magazine for ideas, the couple decided to request some quotes for some additional features. The idea to add a fireplace on a stone patio besides the stairs that were getting installed was an Assiniboine suggestion. The fireplace wasn’t on the original scope of work but once the idea took hold the couple found an option that they liked. The fireplace has ended up being the centerpiece of the whole backyard and the favorite part of the whole landscape.

‘We kept adding on as we went. The fireplace was an add-on that has made us use the backyard a lot more. It seems to be the favorite. The kids are always excited when we have a fire.’

The re-grade of the land is perhaps the least noticeable part of the design but it has enabled there to be more space to work with. Assiniboine found a way to make rainfall drain away from the house and also provided sod for the soil.

‘We moved the trampoline to that back corner and it’s allowed us to have much more space,’ said Shannon. ‘I’ve lost count of how many games of bocce ball and croquet we’ve had this summer.’

‘Everytime we had an idea, Dave was able to quote us right away so we could make our decision. He was pretty flexible in terms of keeping things in line with what we were willing to spend and there was always options. We spent a few Saturday’s at Burnco so we could pick out the materials that worked for us.’

Would the couple recommend Assiniboine to others?

‘We recommended Assiniboine to quite a few of our neighbors who have come over to see our yard. Dave was a really good communicator. Everytime I had a question he answered me right away.’

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