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We want to ensure that all of our amazing customers know that we’re taking COVID 19 very seriously. We have new procedures (see below) in place that will keep customers and staff safe, and we’re following Health Canada guidelines closely. Right now, we’re able to continue to work with social distancing measures in place.

Given the outdoor nature of our work combined with the proper precautions, we plan to deliver the best service possible to all our valued clients during these unprecedented times.

  • All Assiniboine staff are now required to hand sanitize prior to entering any client property.
  • Assiniboine staff has been advised to not shake hands with clients, to maintain a 6′ distance during conversations and to hold all conversations outside to avoid entering the client’s homes.
  • We can wear masks upon request.
  • Assiniboine estimators can collect job details and photos via email prior to an onsite visit to discuss details and take measurements.
  • All estimates are sent via email and all payments can be done electronically – to avoid contact.
  • Products can be viewed at ‘outdoor showrooms’  Burnco, Bluegrass and Eagle Lake are all still open and have imposed strict safety protocols.
  • Communicating at a distance is our duty during this unprecedented time. 

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